Mosaic ideas for Christmas

Make unique Christmas elves  

Mosaic Christmas Elf. Gorgeous mosaic christmas elves.

It´s easy to make Christmas elves on the styrofoam cones. Cover the cones with soft glass mosaics and add glass gems as nose and hat tassel. We recommend Silicone- or Olba glue. You don´t need to grout these elves.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How lovely...Stunning mosaic Christmas trees.These Christmas trees have the same idea as the elves. Cover different sizes of styrofoam cones with green, white or with your favorite color, glue the stars to the top and grout them.

The most beautiful Christmas card is self-made

Mosaic Christmas trees.

Make Christmas cards and Christmas package cards by adding them micro mosaics and millefioris

Christmas balls

Stunning mosaic Christmas balls.Choose different size styrofoam balls and cover them with Lilliput gems, Ottoman glass  and 1x1 cm mini glass. Use Silicone- or Olba glue and grout mosaic balls. You can also mix approximately 5-10% of pigment into grout to get your favorite color. 

Peaceful Christmas for everyone!