Mosaic table - Create your own gorgeous mosaic table

Mosaic table in the manufacturing stage. Glass mosaic pieces glued to the surface of the table and chairs. Grouting of a mosaic table, with black grout. A gorgeous finished mosaic table set ready on the patio.

This round table and chairs feature a mandala pattern created with Glass Petals, Glass Diamonds, Mini Gems, Glass Stix, and Millefiori.

DIY mosaic table – Step-by-step basic guide

Want to give your worn-out table a new life or cover a new but dull-looking table? Follow these tips and succeed!

1. Choose a sturdy table:

Do you have a table with chipped paint or a scratched surface? Mosaic is a great way to cover these imperfections and create a stunning focal point in your home. Choose a sturdy table with a flat surface. The best option is a metal table that withstands changing weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor use on patios or balconies. Wooden tables are recommended for indoor use or under a canopy during the summer to prevent wood from warping due to humidity, which can damage and crack the mosaic surface. Remember, mosaic adds weight, so avoid covering thin or weak tabletops.

2. Prepare the surface:

For wooden tables, it is recommended to sand the lacquer or paint surface to make it rougher, ensuring better adhesion of the mosaic pieces. Clean off the dust after sanding with a damp cloth.

3. Design the pattern and choose mosaic pieces:

Plan your mosaic pattern in advance and draw a sketch. Use different colors and shapes to create a unique look. Note that different mosaic pieces may vary in thickness. A small height difference between the pieces can add texture to the table surface. However, if you prefer a completely even surface, choose materials of the same thickness and avoid convex pieces like Glass Gems. Click here to see recommended materials for mosaic tables. Each mosaic material’s product page details the coverage. Use our mosaic calculator to estimate the amount of mosaics needed for your project. Remember to order enough materials at once, as color shades may vary slightly between batches.

4. Attach the mosaic pieces:

Draw your pattern or guidelines on the table surface to ease the process. Apply glue to a small area at a time and press the mosaic pieces into place. For indoor wooden tables, use water-based glues like Mosaic and Craft Glue. Collall All-Purpose Glue is a liquid solvent-based glue suitable for both wood and metal tables. This glue is a stronger option compared to the previously mentioned glues. For outdoor garden and balcony tables, use our Silicone or Olba Glue, which offer good initial adhesion and is frost-resistant, ensuring the mosaic pieces stay in place in varying weather conditions. Explore our glue selection here.

5. Grouting:

Once all pieces are glued and the adhesive has dried overnight, you can grout the table surface the next day. Use a respirator and protective gloves. Prepare the grout according to the instructions provided. Spread the grout between the mosaic pieces using a grout spatula. Wipe off excess grout. Let it dry. Clean again with a slightly damp sponge or lint-free cloth and allow it to dry. Finish by wiping with a dry lint-free cloth. We recommend black or other dark-colored grout for tables, as light-colored grout can stain in dining use.

With these tips, you can create a stunning and unique mosaic table that will delight you and your guests for years to come! Find recommended supplies for mosaic tables here.

Here are some photos of mosaic tables for inspiration:

 Detail of a mosaic table. Finished mosaic table in front of the sofa. Mosaic table with mandala pattern. Mandala pattern on a mosaic table, seen from above.

This round side table is covered with 1x1 cm Mini Classic pieces. Some mosaic pieces have also been cut into smaller sizes using Mosaic Glass Nippers.

A colourful mosaic table in the making. Grouting a colourful mosaic table with black grout. Cleaning a colourful mosaic table after grouting. Finished colourful mosaic table on the balcony.

This colorful table surface combines 10 mm Ceramic Tiles and 10x10 cm Ceramic Tiles. The table edges are made with 25 mm Pâte de Verre mosaic.

A stunning blue mosaic table in the garden, made from recycled materials. Black and white mosaic table and chair covered with tiles and glass mosaic pieces. Mosaic table with a pattern reminiscent of ancient times, made of Ice Glass mosaic pieces. Mosaic table with a motif of an ancient design on the table top.

The blue table is made of glazed ceramic tiles and broken landscape dishes. The black-and-white mosaic furniture set uses 2x2 cm Glass Mosaic and broken glazed ceramic tiles. The gray-orange table mimics an ancient pattern using 15 mm Ice Glass Opaque mosaic.

Watch the video to see how beautiful a mosaic furniture set can be. Create your own unique furniture set too!