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Barn elves, DIY

34,90 €
incl. 24 % VAT

Here's a fun couple, the barn elves! These elves work in a drying barn, but they like to visit other places. The coloring of the elves is down to earth. The bigger one has a beige hat and a brown coat. The smaller one has medium gray hat and dark gray coat. Both elves have three-dimensional beard and wooden nose and hat tassel. Mosaic elves are quick and easy to make and they will bring joy for years to come.

The package contains glue, as well as all materials and instructions with photos (in finnish). The larger elf is about 23 cm high and about 10 cm wide at the bottom, the smaller one is about 14 cm high. Frostproof. No need to cut the pieces, also suitable for a beginner.

Design Sirpa Hämäläinen  

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