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Collall 3D Coll Kit, 80ml, set

8,90 €
incl. 24 % VAT

Clear transparent and elastic filling glue, without silicones. Odourless and clear. In the box is a glue set with tools for even more easy gluing.

Properties: thick film of adhesive that is completely clear, flexible and water-resistant.

Uses: paper, cardboard, wood, polystyrene foam and plastic onto various surfaces. The glue dries as thickly as it is applied, which makes it ideal for 3D creations.

Not suitable for natural stone. Can discolour yellow after course of time. Test always on a small part first.

Main ingredient: MS polymer

Suitable for: children from 6 years old

May produce on allergic reaction.

  • Product safety

    Pääainesosa: MS-polymeeri

    Voi aiheuttaa allergisen reaktion.
    Kan orsaka en allergisk reaktion.

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