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Creative-cement, 5in1, 1kg

10,49 €
incl. 24 % VAT

Cement casting with attitude. With the creative-cement 5-in-1 of Rayher.

Remain an all-rounder! With this versatile cement, you do not have to choose: casting, kneading or moulding - erverything is possible. It also hardens extremely quickly. Ideal for giving concrete a try - or when things have to be quickly.

The jack-of-all-trades for all purposes

  • Ready-to-use & versatile in use
  • Perfect for your casting or kneading projects, for filigree casting and for moulding (e.g. balloon lamps)


  • Stir in small amount of cement
  • Water quantity depending on hte application
  • Procecess immediately
  • Let it air-dry
  • Decorate as you like

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