Gift card, 70 euros

Gift card, 70 euros

70,00 €
incl. 0 % VAT

Gift cards for our web shop are sent either to the buyer or to the recipient of the gift card.

If you want the gift card to be mailed directly to the recipient, enter it in the field "Additional information for the order" when you arrive at the checkout. If you want to include a personal message to the recipient, enter it in the same field.

The gift card is valid for 4 months from the date of purchase. With the gift card, you can pay for all our products, but not the delivery costs. The entire gift card must be used at the same time of purchase, as the code on the gift card can only be used once.

Those who use the gift card shop in the normal way and enter the gift card code at checkout in the "Discount code" field. In this way, you are automatically given a discount that corresponds to the amount on the gift card.