Mini Triangle, Bordeaux, 50g

Mini Triangle, Bordeaux, 50g

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The Mini Triangle, Bordeaux, 50g adds a deep and rich color to your mosaic projects. Made from recycled glass, these 10mm equilateral triangles have a high-gloss finish that beautifully reflects light. Each package contains about 85 triangles, covering an area of approximately 8x8 cm. These triangles are UV and frost resistant and easy to cut with glass mosaic nippers, making them perfect for both intricate details and larger art projects.

  • 10x10x10mm
  • 4mm thick
  • UV and Frost proof
  • High gloss finish
  • Rich permanent colour
  • Recycled green product
  • Can be cut using wheeled nippers
  • 50g = +/- 85 pieces
  • Enough for an area of approx 8x8cm
Model number: minik/bordeaux/50