Mosaic glue 100ml, Collall

Mosaic glue 100ml, Collall

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Type of glue: Collall Mosaic glue is a water based, strong, transparent drying glue.


  • White liquid
  • Fast-drying
  • Water resistant
  • Transparent after drying
  • Solvent: water

Main ingredient: polyvinylacetaat

PH: 2,5 - 3,5

Density: 1,09 kg/dm3

Typical Use: ca 400 g/m2

Application: spread the glue with a brush or spatula. Use sufficient glue. Briefly allow to dry and then affix the mosaic. Only wet stains are removable with water. Apply sufficient glue on the mosaic, briefly allow to dry and then affix the mosaic to the underground. Only wet glue stains can be removed with warm water. Not suitable for use outdoors.

Cleaning: tools can be cleaned with water while the glue is still wet. A synthetic detergent can be added to the water if required. Traces of the glue that have dried should be soaked in warm water and removed with a brush.

Allergens: Contains CMIT/MIT. May produce an allergic reaction.

Model number: COLMZ0100
Product identifier: 8711557401920