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Sakura Blossoms, Honeysuckle 250 g

13,90 €
incl. 24 % VAT

Inspired by the beautiful Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) this is an ode to spring. Traditionally the sakura heralds the end of winter and the rebirth of the land. Our petals are free form with 9 different variations that can be combined into a dizzyingly naturalistic display of blossoms. The petals range from 11mm to 20mm and are 4mm thick. They are designed to be set around a round center that is either raised like our 12mm Mini Glass Gems or the 8mm Lilliput Gems. The choices are yours to make... (remember the sizes vary so the quantity will vary as well)

  • moulded in 9 shapes/sizes
  • +/- 165-175 pieces per 250g
  • high fired sintered glass
  • 98% recycled material
  • sizes range from 11mm-20mm
  • 4mm thick
  • UVA and Frost resistant

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