Silicone Glue, 80 ml

Silicone Glue, 80 ml
Silicone Glue, 80 ml
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  • Silicone Glue, 80 ml, excellent adhesive mosaic work, a good initial tack
  • Type of glue: Transparent, filling silicon glue
  • Characteristics: Gives a thick, flexible, completely transparent and water-resistant glue film
  • Chemical properties: Polydimethylsiloxane
  • Appearance: Transparent, thick glue with a very specific odour (acetic acid)
  • Application: For gluing paper, carton, wood, polystyrene foam and plastics on various backgrounds. The fact that the glue dries in a thick form on the shape to which it is glued makes it easy to design 3-dimensional creations
  • Suitable for: Children above the age of 6
  • Stains: If stains are still wet, they can be removed with acetone or turpentine
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