Soap casting, DIY

Soap casting, DIY
Soap casting, DIY Soap casting, DIY Soap casting, DIY
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Handwashing can be so beautiful - make wellness for yourself!
Cast your very own soap with a personalized message. For you or as a lovely gift.


  • 200 g Create-soap opaque
  • 3 casting moulds
  • 10 ml Colour fragrance, Mint/ green tea
  • 4 Label

That´s how you make own soap

Melt the soap in a refractory vessel in a water bath on the stove (max. 60°C - do not boil) WARNING! Never place the melting vessel with the soap directly on an open flame or hot plate! Fire hazard! Do not expose the melted soap for a long time at a temperature above 60°C. Now you can mix in the soap colour fragrance according to your desire.
Then pour it into casting mould. If you want to pour in a motif, put the label before pouring into the casting mould - with the motif upwarts.
Pour the liquid soap over it - first pour only a thin layer with a spoon over the label, press slightly and firmly its surface and then pour the rest.
Let the soap dry in the casting mould, demold and lift the label up using a fine needle. Clean it for further use with water.
Let the soap dry well (for 3 - 4 days.)

Hint: The soap may, depending on humidity, easily "sweat", therefore best wrap the soap bar at drying in a gift foil (cellophane paper)