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RAYSIN 200 EXTRA STRONG, Gjutpulver 400 g

4,49 €
inkl. 24 % moms

White casting powder (EXTRA STRONG).
Air hardening - Odourless - Environment-friendly
Suitable for moulds out of plastics (PET,LDPE etc.), latex, synthetic rubber, silicone.

The moulding mass of high quality is ideal for reliefs, figures, tiles, mosaics, decorative plates, ornaments e.g. A very good product with a smooth surface, ideal for the pretentious hobbyist.

Here´s how it works:

  1. Rinse out the mould and place it evenly.
    Sprinkle the powder uniformly into the water and stir it well about 1 min
  2. Fill the mould quickly and uniformly with the casting compound
  3. The part can be removed fron the mould after about 30 min

After the complete drying (depending on the shape, about 2-8 days), the moulded part can be further processed.

Tips & hints:
- For heavily structured shapes, bring some casting compound into the hollows by using a brush, so that air bubbles do not form, then fill it out with the rest of the mixture.
- In the still soft compound, pendants and magnets can be pressed in.
- That´s how it becomes colourful: put the pigment powder into the liquid casting compound or paint over while it has dried out.

Store in a cool, dry place!
Avoid inhalation of dust!

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